Germany: Afghan asylum seeker first attacks two strollers with a knife for no reason and then stabs policemen

A 19-year-old Afghan citizen first attacked two women for no reason on Thursday afternoon and injured two policemen during his arrest. The Afghan attacked a stroller in Harburger Street in Hanstedt around 2:30 pm. He then suddenly attacked her with a knife. A witness who had become aware of this came to the woman’s aid and was also attacked. However, both were able to escape unharmed into the woman’s car and drove to the police. The police searched for the attacker in a nearby accommodation for asylum seekers and found him there. When the man, who had come to Germany as an unaccompanied minor refugee, spotted the officers, he also attacked them with a knife. In the following arrest, the policemen were slightly injured. They were given medical care by the called paramedics. The perpetrator was taken to police custody. He is being investigated for an attempted homicide. One of the subjects of the investigation is what caused the asylum seeker to commit the offence.

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