Germany: One dead in a clash between Turks

In the early hours of this morning a dispute escalated in Hamburg District of Wilhelmsburg. The homicide department is investigating that a man suffered fatal injuries. According to the initial findings, a verbal dispute arose on the street for reasons that had not yet been clarified, during the course of which a skirmish then began. In the end, a 47-year-old Turk from Wilhelmsburg and his son, a 23-year-old German Turk, as well as a 54-year-old German Turk from the state of Schleswig-Holstein were involved. The men apparently used a knife and an iron rod against each other. In the end, the 47-year-old suffered several stab wounds to his upper body. He was admitted to a hospital under resuscitation conditions, but died there from serious injuries. His son suffered injuries to his hands, apparently also from an attack with a knife. He was also sent to hospital. Apparently an iron bar had been used against the opponent. The man suffered head injuries and a foot fracture and was also hospitalized. Officials of the homicide department (LKA 41) have taken over the investigation. No further information on the background to the disputes and the exact course of the crime can be provided at this time. The investigators currently assume, however, that the persons in question knew each other. In particular against the 54 year old man they examine now a charge before the magistrate. Witnesses, who observed the crime, are asked to report by calling 040/4286-56789 to the Hamburg police or to any police station.

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