Asylum seeker is only 24 hours in Germany and already commits his first crime

Last late Sunday evening, police arrested a young man (15 years old) on Komödienstraße in the downtown area of Cologne. According to previous findings, the 15-year-old had robbed a man from Cologne (25 years old) with the collaboration of an unknown accomplice. Only one day before, officers of the police station in the Kalk district of Cologne had already met the minor when he visited the office in order to apply for asylum following his entry into Germany. Shortly before 9 p.m., the robbed man from Cologne contacted the police on Sunday and stated that he had just been attacked by two perpetrators. He had been following one of the attackers and had  detained him until the police arrived.The duo is said to have pressed the victim into an archway at a brewery on the station forecourt and snatched his wallet out of his trouser pocket. The policemen discovered the still full of money purse near the crime scene, as well as a pocket knife, which apparently belongs to the 15-year-old. In the meantime, the officers brought the juvenile before a magistrate. The judge sent the accused to custody.

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