Germany: The Empire Strikes Back – FFH instead of FFF

This is a Great Idea.

Germans love their cars. Maybe more than their Women. Now they strike back against Friday For Future (666). They founded a Facebook Group, called Friday for Hubraum. (FFH)

HUBRAUM in English means (don’t know exactly): Displacement/cubic capacity/engine capacity

There is a phrase in Germany: Was ist besser als Hubraum? Mehr Hubraum. (What is better than Hubraum? More Hubraum.)

The Goal of the Facebook-Group ist to have more Members than Friday For Future. Their Slogan is WIR SIND MEHR / WE ARE MORE Check it out, maybe you can add in and / or Post something. Facts about Gr€ta for example.

Small newspapers are reporting about this Call To Action, think big Newspapers will follow.

It is no surprise that they try to brand them suddenly as Conspiracy Theorists and Right-Wing. But I tell you: A lot of People in Germany are pissed off. They hate to pay higher Taxes because of Gr€ta and they LOVE their Cars. Could be a big Chance. Maybe also an Idea for the U.S.A?

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