Germany: Schoolgirl in ladies toilet photographed by dark-skinned man

Last Monday at about 2 pm, a previously unknown male person took pictures of the victim in a ladies’ toilet in a neighbouring closet. The scene of the crime is the school premises of the vocational college in Eschweiler. When the victim spotted a mobile phone under the toilet partition wall, she opened the door to the neighbouring closet and discovered the perpetrator lying on the floor. She then left the sanitary area and faced the perpetrator outside the door. Shortly afterwards, the perpetrator left the ladies’ toilet and the school premises in a hurry.The perpetrator can be described as follows: approx. 15 – 20 years old, dark-skinned, 170 – 180 cm tall, slim. He wore black sweatpants, a black jacket, a black cap with white Chanel emblem and dark blue sneakers. Information on the perpetrator is requested by calling 0241/9577-33301 or ( outside police office hours ) 0241/9577-34210.

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