Germany: Turk spits on train passengers and beats them up with a belt buckle

Federal police are investigating a 32-year-old man for assault and battery. The man is accused of hitting another person with a belt buckle last Saturday in a regional train at Rosenheim station. The injured person had to be treated by the rescue service because of a bleeding wound. According to initial findings, a Turkish citizen spat on other passengers in a Meridian train. A 22-year-old man, who wanted to confront the Turk because of his spitting behaviour, apparently had to learn painfully that the person in question did not want to talk at all. Instead, he suddenly pulled his belt out of his waistband and hit the young man with the belt buckle.The force of the hits broke the belt buckle into several parts. The victim from the district of Ebersberg suffered an approximately four centimetre large laceration. He received medical treatment on the spot. A breath alcohol test of the person temporarily arrested showed a value of zero per mille. The accused, who is registered in North Rhine-Westphalia, was charged with dangerous bodily harm.

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