Germany: A Tunisian beats up a bus driver because he came to the aid of women who were harassed by the North African

In the case of the injured bus driver, police have now investigated a suspect in cooperation with the Plauen transport company. The suspect is a 30-year-old Tunisian who is suspected of having seriously injured the 51-year-old bus driver on Friday evening. The suspect is now under investigation for bodily harm, among other things. During his shift on Friday evening in Plauen, the bus driver had suffered a fracture of his nose bone and a fivefold fracture of his shoulder. The 51-year-old is still in hospital, according to the Plauen tram company on Monday, which also operates the city bus lines. The drivers will soon receive de-escalation training. The training had already been planned before the incident, said managing director Barbara Zeuner. Especially in the night bus lines, drivers are the targets of verbal attacks.On Friday evening there were fisticuffs at the bus stop Leibnitzstraße in Plauen between the driver and a Tunisian. According to the police, two women were harassed by the Tunisian at the bus stop. The driver had asked the man to leave the women alone. As a result, the man hit the driver. The 51-year-old rushed backwards and injured himself severely, and the suspect was able to escape.Police are looking for two witnesses after the attack. Two older men had tried to pull the perpetrator away from the bus driver. “These two gentlemen are urgently asked to report to the Plauen police station,” according to a press release. The police will take hints from witnesses by calling 03741/140.

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