Germany: Asylum seeker commits 542 offences – no deportation

An asylum seeker who has already committed 542 offences in Germany is at large despite this criminal record. The man, who is said to come from North Africa, has a simple but effective way of preventing his deportation: He simply does not reveal anything about himself. Nobody knows who he is or where his home is. One third of the proceedings were for possession and acquisition of narcotics, one third for fraudulent obtaining of benefits, for example in the form of fare evasion.In addition, there are bodily harm, theft, robbery and about one third for violations of the Residence Act,” says Chief Police Inspector Rüdiger Buchta, listing the misconduct of the asylum seeker who entered Germany in 1998 without a passport, “and yet the homeless person can move through Frankfurt unhindered. Fingerprints have not yet been able to help determine identity. He usually mentions Morocco or Algeria as his homeland. The North African was briefly arrested in a raid on Friday. He is said to have been drunk and to have talked incomprehensibly to oneself. Once more fingerprints were taken at the police station. Since there is no warrant for his arrest, the man was released again.

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