Austria: Brutal Syrian cuts up ex-wife’s face

Last Tuesday, a 33-year-old Syrian inflicted a cut on his ex-wife’s face in front of a supermarket. The woman managed to escape to the shop, the Syrian fled. In the night on Wednesday, the arrest took place. According to a police press release, a 33-year-old Syrian got into an argument with his 41-year-old ex-wife in front of a grocery store in the Vienna district of Brigittenau in the street Wallensteinstraße. He did not know where she currently lived, but had been able to narrow down the area and locate her.So it came to the confrontation in front of the shop, where he pulled a knife and injured the woman. The victim was able to flee to the shop  and contacted employees who immediately alerted the police.While the woman’s injury was being treated in the hospital, the manhunt began. According to the police, the crime was the result of a violent past. The perpetrator was already known for domestic violence, dangerous threats, assault and trespass. In the night of Wednesday, the Syrian asylum seeker was finally arrested in the Vienna district of Meidling. The police interrogations have not yet been completed. The man used a kitchen knife as a weapon. This has not yet been found.

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