Mass brawl among Africans in Cologne, Germany – One Man dead

In Cologne there was a mass brawl with ten to 15 men during the night. One man died. According to police, all involved were black Africans. Around 4:45 a.m. on Sunday morning, the police were alerted. Witnesses reported a violent clash among up to 15 black Africans on Ebertplatz square.When the officers arrived, the men were running away, one remained motionless on the ground. “He was unconscious, bleeding heavily,” said a police spokesman. An emergency doctor tried to resuscitate the seriously injured man – in vain. The man died on the scene.Police reported on Sunday that the body was a 25-year-old man from Somalia. Ten “potential offenders” were arrested near the crime scene. According to the police, these could be both suspects and witnesses.Also the reason for the deadly dispute is not yet known. Possibly the conflict had its start in a pub where the men had met before.According to previous findings, the men do not come from Cologne and also do not belong to the drug scene known here, which has been running at Ebertplatz square for years.A 20-man homicide squad is now investigating the background to the blood crime. Two years ago there had been a deadly stabbing in the drug milieu at Ebertplatz. The offender, who killed a competing dealer, was sentenced to almost seven years imprisonment in 2018.

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