Germany: An African attacks the train driver and the conductor in a running train

A bodily injury to the detriment of two German Railway employees and a subsequent emergency stop occurred last Thursday evening at 6:05 p.m. on a S42 light rail line between Neckarsulm and Bad Friedrichshall. According to current information, a 30-year-old man had initially been spotted without a valid ticket by the train attendant on the tram and was then said to have pushed the ticket inspector away. As the Cameroonian citizen apparently became increasingly violent, the German Railway employee moved back into the train’s driver’s cab, but was persecuted by the 30-year-old. The suspect then apparently entered the driver’s cab and is also said to have attacked the train driver. Probably due to the physical conflict it was no longer possible for the driver to confirm a safety device for the light rail system, so that it came to a stop at Bad Friedrichshall station due to automatic braking. Alarmed forces of the state police then arrested the 30-year-old for the time being and shortly afterwards handed him over to a patrol of the federal police. The two railway employees suffered slight injuries to their hands and knees as a result of the crime. According to the current state of investigations, travellers were not injured as a result of the emergency braking. In particular, the evaluation of the video material of the light rail system is currently the subject of investigations by the Federal Police. The man, who lives in the Heilbronn district, must now expect to be charged with suspected bodily harm, fraud and dangerous interference in rail traffic. 
Opposition 24

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