Turks attack two young Israelis in Cologne, Germany

The State Security of the Cologne Police is investigating last night ( the 24th of August) in Cologne Ehrenfeld on suspicion of dangerous bodily injury to the detriment of two young Israelis (20, 21 years old) and a 19-year-old Australian. The interrogations on the background to the crime and on the suspicion of the crime against a German (33 years old) and a Dutch bouncer (29 years old), both of Turkish descent, are still ongoing. Police had both arrested them shortly after the crime. State Security is also investigating evidence of a third party involved in the crime. According to initial findings, an argument between the men in front of a club in Ehrenfeld, which the young Israelis had previously visited, escalated around 4 am. The suspects are said to have pursued the 21-year-old Israeli on Subbelrather Street to the Ehrenfeldgürtel and hit him there. The police arrived at a nearby tram stop a little later and informed the ambulance service, which took him to hospital for an eye injury. The 20-year-old Israeli and the 19-year-old Australian managed to escape the attackers. Police were able to locate them unharmed during the search. The investigations are continuing. 


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