Austria: Politically correct description of a gang of murderers

The newspaper report:

After the deadly knife attack on Thursday in Wörgl, which killed a 20-year-old Afghan, a 19-year-old Austrian from Innsbruck has now been arrested. According to the police, two other suspects – a 21-year-old with unknown citizenship and a 20-year-old Russian – were also identified. It is not known where the two men are staying, they are being searched for.

 (Tiroler Tageszeitung)

When applying for asylum, however, the “19-year-old Austrian from Innsbruck”, the “21-year-old with unknown citizenship” and the “20-year-old Russian” were probably all “asylum seekers from Chechnya”.As a rule, “Russian citizens” or “Chechen asylum seekers” prefer to keep their knives in their pockets in the face of the equally brutal Afghans, as the Afghans would certainly stab back.
Only if they are 10 against 3, as in Wörgl, do they feel brave enough to do so.

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