Germany: Nurse didn’t want sex in the subway, so the Afghans kicked her in the face

Last Tuesday, around 06:10 a.m., a 20-year-old Afghan with two companions, of whom only one is known by name, got off the subway at the station “Theresienstraße” in Munich. There, the 20-year-old suddenly stepped with his right foot towards the upper body of a passenger. The passenger was hit slightly, but went on and went up the escalator. The 20-year-old tried to follow him, but was held back with both hands by one of his companions. The victim’s personal details and possible injuries are not known.The Afghan then activated the emergency stop on the escalator, went to the emergency call point and pressed the emergency button. When an employee of the subway control center answered via the phone, the 20-year-old said that he was looking for a woman for sexual activities. Shortly thereafter, a 32-year-old Munich woman, who was a nurse from a night shift, came down the escalator to the platform and walked past the 20-year-old and his two companions, and sat down on a bench a few metres away.The companion of the 20-year-old, unknown by name, sat to the left of the 32-year-old and told her that he was in dire need of a woman. He touched the 32-year-old on her thigh. The 32-year-old stood up immediately after touching her and said that she would call the police. From the left side, the 20-year-old walked towards the woman and suddenly kicked her with his right foot against the left side of her face. The 20-year-old was then held by a companion and pulled a few metres to the side, preventing the 20-year-old from hitting the 32-year-old any further.When the 32-year-old took her mobile phone out of her pocket to call the police, the group fled. Fortunately, despite the massive kick, the 32-year-old was only slightly injured and did not require on-site medical attention.The three persons were spotted by members of the subway guard when they started a loud quarrel with another passer-by. The entire group fled.
However, the 20 year old could be detained by the subway guard and handed over to the police officers. The 20-year-old was extremely aggressive towards the police officers. He verbally insulted two officers and spat at an officer.The investigating judge issued a warrant for the 20-year-old’s arrest. He is being investigated not only for dangerous bodily harm but also for assaulting and insulting police officers.Persons who can provide relevant information about the incident, in particular the unknown man who was kicked by the 20-year-old at the underground station “Theresienstraße” and then went up the escalator, are requested to contact the Munich Police Headquarters, Police Department 24, by calling 089/2910-0, or any other police station.

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