Germany: Probably African sexually abused 11-year-old girl on playground

After the parents of an eleven-year-old girl filed a complaint about the assault by an unknown offender on a playground, the police are investigating the suspicion of sexual abuse of children. On Thursday last week, two eleven-year-old girls were in the playground at Lindenhof near the Netto store in Altenbeken at midday. A man was sitting on a bench addressing the girls. The children could not understand what the man was saying. When the girls approached the man, he was said to have kissed one on the cheeks and touched her indecently. Then the girls ran away. The suspect is said to be a 50 to 60 year old, dark-skinned man, probably African. The man has short grey hair and striking black speckles on his face. He was dressed in dark blue trousers, a black shirt or polo shirt and black shoes. The police are looking for witnesses and further information on suspects.Relevant hints can be given by calling 05251/3060.

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