Germany: A Mediterranean man beats up a young woman because she didn’t wanted to be sexually harassed by him

What an unscrupulous act of violence! A woman (21 years old) was first clumsily harassed on Sunday evening on Igel street in Leipzig and then brutally beaten up when she ignored the perpetrator.One man addressed the 21-year-old at about 10.50 p.m. several times provocatively and apparently with sexist remarks. “She then asked him to move on and leave her alone,” said a police spokeswoman.But now the stranger suddenly went berserk and, according to the police, hit her in the face and against the upper body several times. The woman lost her footing and fell to the ground.
A passer-by found the severely injured woman lying on the ground. He immediately called the police. A little later the woman was admitted to a Leipzig clinic because of her facial and hip injuries.The victim described the perpetrator as follows: He is about 1.80 meters tall, has a Mediterranean appearance (in other words Arab or Turk), spoke German with accent. He has black hair, a three-day beard and wore short blue jeans, a black shirt and a cardigan.

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