Germany: An Iraqi strangles woman to death

The young woman who was strangled to unconsciousness by her husband in Bad Salzschlirf on Friday is dead. The 27-year-old Iraqi woman passed away on Sunday after being seriously injured in hospital. This was confirmed by Harry Wilke, the press officer of the public prosecutor’s office in Fulda, when asked by the Internet portal OSTHESSEN-NEWS.The woman was visiting friends in Bad Salzschlirf. Her husband, with whom she had come to Germany in January 2019 and had applied for asylum, but from whom she had meanwhile separated, appeared on Friday in East Hesse. How the 27-year-old, who is registered in Lebach ( a town in the state of Saarland), came to her address is still unclear.He had wanted to talk to his wife in order to win her back, is the prosecution’s name. An argument in the bedroom of the acquaintances escalated, the 27-year-old strangled his victim unconscious. Neighbours told OSTHESSEN-NEWS on Friday: “You could hear the screams all the way to the street. I thought someone was going to get killed. When he came out of the bedroom, he had told his acquaintances, according to the public prosecutor’s office, that his wife was tired and had gone to sleep. This seemed strange to the woman’s friends, so they looked and found the lifeless woman. They immediately called the ambulance service and triggered a large police operation.The alleged perpetrator was arrested on Friday without resistance and is currently in remand. The 27-year-old was brought before the magistrate on Saturday, who issued an arrest warrant for attempted manslaughter. The woman was still alive at the time. “Since the victim has died in the meantime, the arrest warrant must be rewritten”, Wilke explains, “after the first investigations we assume an intention to kill.”

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