Former Manchester United star makes a fool of himself on behalf of Arab terrorist organisations

Eric Cantona ou l’idiot utile des terroristes palestiniens

The former French soccer player and “actor” Eric Cantona was on stage in London. The concert took place last week. The aim was to support Hamas and the Arabs in Gaza. Cantona, a former soccer player from Manchester United, has even started a political reading. He read “The enemy of the sun” of the Palestinian “poet” Nasser Aruri. The text is a glorification of Palestinian terrorism and the murder of Jews. Since he no longer earns money with his feet, Cantona uses his remaining glory for the Palestinian “cause”.Not so long ago he criticized Trump for his recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. When Israel fought in 2014 to stop the rocket fire on its cities, Cantona was also there. Then he called on the French to put pressure on the Netherlands against the Jewish state.  As an advocate for the so-called refugees, who also supports the BDS, Cantona had called for a boycott of the UEFA European Under-21 Championship in Israel.

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