Germany: Three Africans insult, rob and beat up a homeless man – They also devastated a restaurant as well.

This early Friday morning a “quarrel” escalated on street Bahnhofstraße in Münster and resulted in a brawl.A 39-year-old homeless man was on the sidewalk of the street Bahnhofstraße. Suddenly three initially unknown persons yelled insults at him. Thereupon an argument broke out. The perpetrators beat and kicked their victim and took away his mobile phone. The 39-year-old then fled to a snack bar on the street Bahnhofstraße.But the three perpetrators did not let go of the man, followed him to the snack bar and continued to beat him. They devastated the place and threatened the 47-year-old owner, who tried to settle the conflict. Then the trio fled. The three 16, 19 and 29-year-old perpetrators from Eritrea were arrested near the railway station. The investigations are continuing.

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