Austria: Five asylum seekers raped a girl (13 years old) in their flat

In Graz, five asylum seekers raped an only 13-year-old girl, the brutal crime is even said to have been recorded with a mobile phone. The accused (17 to 22 years old) have now been sentenced to several years in prison. The sentence is not final. These details are deeply shocking: At the end of October last year, a 13-year-old girl was already a little drunk at Graz Central Station. There she met five asylum seekers between the ages of 17 and 22.Two of them, including the 17-year-old primary defendant, had already been convicted of various drug-related offences. The five men are said to have persuaded the 13-year-old to come to an apartment in Graz. Then they locked the front door and gave her drugs and more alcohol to make her submissive. Then they are said to have forced the girl to undress. When she noticed what a threatening situation she was in, it was too late: Because the girl fought back, the defendants tied her victim up and raped her one by one.Even worse: The crime was even recorded by video on a mobile phone, relevant material was discovered by the police at the first defendant. The defendants have denied the accusations, but the court believed the victim more. The primary defendant was sentenced to seven years in unconditional prison, and the other men were also put behind bars for several years. However, the sentences are not yet final as appeals have been filed.

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