Hateful Arab graffiti in German city

Arabische Hassgraffitis am Gotthardteich | Daniel Wald; Foto: Screenshot Facebook

On Monday, Daniel Wald, member of the state parliament, published pictures taken at the Gotthard pond. He wrote about it:”During my walk around the Gotthard pond on Wednesday I discovered some graffiti in Arabic language, which I asked my esteemed party colleague Dr. Tillschneider to translate for me out of interest. 
The result made me speechless and angry,In High Arabic there were written:”Welcome to the city of ugliness.” and “A whore city. There are sluts/(intoxicants)”.Not enough, that we get unasked millions of North African new citizens from the government by the words “Now they are just here”, now we have our goodwill exploited. And we from Merseburg do have luck as well – in the past weeks there were ” just” a few stabbings in the König-Heinrich-Street.In our town no children are pushed in front of trains or people are slaughtered with swords.But who knows what else our Levantine friends have planned for the “ugly city”?Our city council fraction takes this insult to our beautiful city personally, there will be consequences. The petitions are already written.


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