Germany: Woman leaves windows open to ventilate, then a Tunisian gets in

A woman probably got the shock of her life on Saturday. When she had the window in the bedroom of her apartment on Böhmische Straße in Dresden left open for airing, she certainly didn’t think that a short time later a stranger would be standing in her rooms.But exactly this happened around 10.45 am, as the police reported on Sunday. The 19-year-old Tunisian is said to have entered the open window on Böhmische Street at this time.Apparently he had spotted a mobile phone before, which he then tried to steal.The burglar then grabbed it, but then suddenly faced the tenant of the apartment. At first the young man wanted to escape, but witnesses had observed the incident and intervened courageously. They overpowered the thief and called the police.Until the officials arrived, the persons were holding the 19-year-old. He is now under investigation for burglary.

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