German politicians want to ban photos of victims of Merkel’s migration policy

Baden-Wuerttemberg’s Justice Minister Wolf criticizes the circulation of videos of the deadly sword attack in Stuttgart. Shortly after the crime on Wednesday evening, videos of the crime circulated on the Internet. The CDU politician said that if such material was circulated thoughtlessly, the victim’s dignity would be taken away after his life. The distribution of such pictures also represents an additional burden for the bereaved.Wolf added that for more than a year, the German Federal Parliament (Bundestag) has had a draft bill in its hands, which is intended to punish the shooting of corpses and the circulation of such images. In May, at the request of Baden-Württemberg, the Federal Council called on the German Federal Parliament and the Federal Government to take action. As the German Press Agency reports, criminal sanctions are currently threatened only for images that “show off the helplessness of another person”. This refers to living people. Those who take comparable photos of dead people are threatened with civil law sanctions such as compensation for pain and suffering for relatives, but this is not a criminal offence. The CDU/CSU and SPD have agreed in the coalition agreement to modify this. The Federal Ministry of Justice wants to present a bill “shortly”, a spokesperson said.

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