Frightening Appearance of Abromeit – German Bishop Delivers Anti-Israel Speech

Pic: An edition of the Protestant Sunday newspaper from the Nazi era – Headline of the lead article: Heil to the Führer

On August 1, Hans-Jürgen Abromeit spoke at the annual conference of the German Evangelical Alliance (DEA). He gave a lecture on the current situation in Israel and provided a strange interpretation of the conflict. The performance was titled “Two Peoples – One Country. A Biblical Vision for Peace between Israel and Palestine.”The core message: According to Abromeit, the Germans would be too solidarized with Israel – and therefore paid too little attention to “Palestinian security interests.” Because of the “historical According to the bishop, according to the Evangelical News Agency, the Germans said that the Germans overidentified with the state of Israel. The evangelical dignitaries repeatedly mentioned rockets from militant Palestinians on Israeli cities are fired from the Gaza Strip, not even a word. Even the threats of extermination by Islamic terror groups to exterminate all Jews were apparently no reason for the bishop to show understanding of Israeli security interests.Also the statement by German politicians that the security of the state of Holocaust survivors for the Federal Republic The reason v in the state, the bishop was angry – in his opinion it would lead to discrimination against the Palestinians. The fact that the German voting behavior in the United Nations regularly causes Israel to be found unilaterally guilty is up to now the bishop. In addition, Abromeit has Zionism in enlivened his speech – that is, the Jewish pursuit of independence in a separate state, because he “did not record the biblical line.” The bishop wants to demographically demolish it: through a one-state solution, the Palestinians would soon gain the upper hand in a common state. A classic of anti-Israeli agitation may not be absent: the Middle East conflict shows that there can be no peace with the use of armed force. Abromeit. However, Abromeit may also know that Israel would have been destroyed had he not defended himself against Islamic terrorist groups such as Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

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