Germany: Attempted rape of 70-year-old woman – arrest warrant issued against suspected Eritrean

Courageous passers-by had protected a 70-year-old woman from a sex offender in Bad Doberan. In the meantime, the old lady has been released from hospital. In the post-reporting, the police concealed the identity of the arrested “21-year-old man”.
This is the police bulletin:

In connection with yesterday’s press release and the investigations that have taken place so far, it has been announced that the arrested accused is now suspected of an attempted rape.As a result, the District Court of Rostock issued an arrest warrant yesterday, July 31, 2019, due to the danger of escape and recurrence. The accused was taken to the Bützow prison.The victim is no longer in hospital treatment. The fact that this is already possible is certainly due to the courageous intervention of a witness.

Apparently it was only when asked by the newspaper Ostsee-Zeitung that the suspect was most probably a man with Eritrean origins.

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