German Muslims recommend beating of disobedient women – German courts do not have any objections to it

In the case of a marriage in serious trouble or if the partner is “unruly”, the Islamic Centre Munich (IZM) refers to the Koran. Accordingly, the husband should observe three steps: First: Exhortation. Second: Separation in the marriage bed. And third: Beating. For 15 years, visitors to the website of the Munich community have been given this information under item 10 “Woman and Family in Islam”. The employee of a contact point for abused women, who does not want to be named, reports in an interview with broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk about an abused Muslim woman whose husband regards domestic violence as legitimate because his community considers it legal. Such publications as those of the IZM would have a catastrophic effect on the idea of equality for men and women, according to the educator. This would also have serious consequences for the next generation: Some girls, traumatised by their mothers’ experiences of violence, often submit to subservience and victimhood. Boys are educated to become perpetrators of violence by such community legitimized rules. According to the teacher, there is no political will to change the facts of the crime in such a way that even general “calls” to violence are punishable. Despite all this, the public prosecutor’s office in Munich informs the broadcaster BR that there are no indications that a punishable offence has been committed. The recommendations published by the Islamic Centre Munich on its website on the subject of “Women and Family in Islam” “sometimes seem strange, but do not constitute a criminal offence”. The legal reason: Here no call is made for the committing of concrete crimes, there is no incitement to concrete acts of bodily injury. “There was and is therefore no room for the initiation of preliminary proceedings,” explains the public prosecutor’s office in Munich. The Islamic Centre has been based in Munich for many decades. The Association of the German Muslim Community (DMG) was founded under the auspices of the IZM. The Bavarian Ministry of the Interior takes a critical view of the IZM, which is regularly mentioned in the Bavarian report on the protection of the constitution – also because of its association with the DMG, which “… tries to achieve its goals, which are shaped by the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), by political engagement in Germany”. And their desired political system shows clear features of a totalitarian system of rule, which “… does not guarantee the principles of freedom and equality of people”. In addition to the beating of their wives, there is also an article on divorce under the heading “Wife and Family in Islam”: “Usually, after the divorce the wife returns to her parents’ house without the children. This makes it easier for her to remarry.”

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