WATCH: Syrian hacks man to death with machete in the open in Stuttgart, Germany

A homicide took place yesterday evening in the street Fasanenhofstraße in Stuttgart. Witnesses alerted the police around 6.15 p.m. after a man stabbed a man with a sword-like weapon in the open. Despite immediately initiated rescue measures, the victim had died of his injuries. The suspect then fled by bicycle. Police officers arrested a male person as part of a search, in which a police helicopter was also used. The 28-year-old man, who has been arrested as an urgent suspect, is registered as a Syrian citizen in Germany. The man had apparently lived with the later 36-year-old victim in a flat-sharing community on the street Fasanenhofstraße.However, the closer background to a possible motive for the murder remains unclear. The suspect will be brought before the responsible magistrate in the course of today’s Thursday with a request from the public prosecutor’s office for an arrest warrant to be issued. Witnesses, who can give tips, are asked to report to the criminal investigation department by calling +4971189905778.

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