Germany: Muslim sets fire to apartment building to kill his ex-wife – Now he’s on trial for attempted murder in 19 cases

A man with the Islamic sounding first name Nedjib, surname S. has to answer to the Cologne Regional Court for attempted murder in 19 cases. He had set fire to an apartment building after an argument with his ex. The rapid intervention of the fire brigade prevented a terrible catastrophe. “Because Nedjib S. (45 years old) had had a quarrel with his ex, he went into the apartment building where she lived and is said to have set fire to it,” the tabloid Bild reported on the alleged motive of the man from Montenegro. Since his arson put many people in mortal danger, he has to answer to the Cologne Regional Court for “attempted murder in 19 cases”.According to the newspaper, the 45-year-old is said to have entered the apartment building in the Cologne district of Porz at 3.25 a.m. on the 12th of November 2018. His ex lived there with their children.”At her apartment on the second floor, the prosecution claimed, he lit the shoe cabinet in front of the door. The fire spread quickly in the hallway,” the tabloid BILD said. According to the newspaper, the fire brigade used a turntable ladder to literally save the residents from the inferno at the last moment. Nedjib S. claims to have been drunk. The trial is scheduled to last 14 days.

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