Germany: Turk sexually coerces woman

A 32-year-old man coerced and sexually harassed a 20-year-old woman at Stuttgart Central Station in the early hours of Sunday morning around 03:10 a.m. and tried to injure three German Rail employees. According to current information, the Turkish citizen allegedly denied the 20-year-old woman the exit of a fast-food restaurant at Stuttgart main station and apparently grabbed her by the breasts. The man then fled towards the platform, where he was caught by three German Rail security guards. He is said to have resisted the measures of the security forces and was brought to the ground and tied up by them. When the 32-year-old was finally to be taken to the police station, he insulted the employees of the German Railway and also tried to beat and kick them. However, there was no bodily injury. The Federal Police has now initiated investigations against the man on suspicion of coercion, sexual harassment and attempted assault.

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