Germany: Probably Arabs harass woman in on-board restroom

Two unknown perpetrators are suspected of having harassed a young woman yesterday evening between 10:20 p.m. and 10:50 p.m. in a regional express train from Stuttgart to Tübingen. According to current findings, the two suspects apparently threatened the previously unknown woman by showing her a knife and pushed her back to the train toilet of the local train when the woman was about to leave it. The unknown woman was then apparently able to defend herself, so that the men left her and presumably left the train in Wendlingen or Nürtingen. Travellers then approached the weeping woman on the train and reported the events described by the woman to the police. However, an immediately initiated search by the state police for the two suspected perpetrators was unsuccessful. The woman in question also left Metzingen station before a police patrol arrived, after she had got off the train there. The unknown victim is said to be a 20 year old woman with long, white coloured hair. One of the alleged perpetrators is described as about 40 years old, with strong stature, dark short hair and Arabic phenotype. He is said to have worn jeans at the time of the crime. The second unknown is described as about 35 years old, with slim stature and also Arab phenotype. The background to the crime as well as the exact course of the crime are currently the subject of investigations. In this context, the Federal Police is looking in particular for the hitherto unknown victim. The young woman and any other witnesses are requested by calling +49711870350.

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