Germany: Public swimming pool vacated again because of riots caused by North Africans

For the staff of some public swimming pools in Germany, the hottest time of the year is a real nightmare. On Friday in the Rheinbad in Düsseldorf, incomprehensible scenes took place again, which is why the police had to come once again, reports rp-online.A group of about 60 North Africans had not obeyed the instructions of the staff in the swimming pool in Düsseldorf and obviously tried to takeover command of the bath.According to Rheinbad managing director Roland Kettler, the wide slide and the diving platform were occupied by the young North Africans and orders were consistently ignored. The bath’s shift leader is said to have been threatened by the ringleader of the large group. He will slap her against the wall, he is said to have replied to the woman when she gave her instructions, rp-online reports.At the time when the situation in the public swimming pool escalated, there were about 1500 guests in the facility. Even the six security staff were unable to cope with the angry North Africans. Similar incidents had already occurred in the Rheinbad on the last weekend of June. At that time even the policemen on duty were thrown at and pushed back, so that reinforcements had to be requested.According to the police headquarters, the police were alerted at 5.46 p.m. “because 60 youths behaved in the wrong way”. The police deployed 18 officers – much less than last time.At 07.07 p.m. the Rheinbad had been evacuated. The security forces, which were hired by the management of the public swimming pool, could no longer do anything against the mob, “you also have to protect the security in this case”, a police spokesman told rp-online.

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