Germany: Turk in custody after sexual assault on 89-year-old woman

An 89-year-old woman was the victim of a sexual assault on Friday afternoon last week, around 5.25 p.m., in the Kneipp street in Eppingen. The woman was busy watering the flowers in her garden. A stranger offered her help watering the flowers through the closed garden gate. At the moment when the victim wanted to go back to her house, the stranger jumped over the garden gate and cut off her path. Then the suspect pushed the woman into the stairwell and grabbed a handbag lying there. The woman defended herself and snatched the handbag from him. When she asked the stranger to leave the house, he grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her into the adjoining living room. There he brought the elderly woman to the ground and wanted to perform sexual acts. The woman managed to defend herself. She also managed to activate the home emergency call. When someone called the house intercom, the suspect escaped. On Thursday evening, a 53-year-old Turk was temporarily arrested in Eppingen on the basis of a witness tip. The man is suspected of having attacked the woman. Today, Friday, the suspect was brought before the responsible magistrate at the request of the Heilbronn public prosecutor’s office. The requested arrest warrant was issued. The man was admitted to a prison.

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