Germany: Group of ” dark skinned ” men jumps out of the bushes and sexually harasses woman

When a 34-year-old Munich woman cycled across the Theresienwiese on Saturday night, six to seven “young men” jumped out of the bushes, held on to their bicycles and grabbed her by the chest and in the intimate area. One of the “young men” stole the mobile phone attached to the steering wheel.According to police, the 34-year-old woman rode her bicycle across the Theresienwiese.Below the Bavaria statue, six to seven “young men” suddenly jumped out of a bush and held the woman’s bicycle. Two of the group then grabbed her breast and intimate area. When the woman called for help, a man came to her aid.The men fled, and the helping man was able to get the stolen mobile phone from one of the perpetrators. The unknown helper then brought the woman home safely.According to the newspaper tz, two of the perpetrators are described as follows: Both male, about 20 years old, about 160 to 170 cm tall, dark-skinned, one had black short curls, white headphones and a dark green hooded sweater. The other was wearing red sneaker boots.

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