Anticipatory obedience to Muslims ? German Lefties want to ban dog keeping

Following the  childbearing, which allegedly pollutes the climate too much, it is now the turn of the pets, especially of course the dogs: “Let’s get rid of the dogs”, demands Katharina Schwirkus, editor of the left-wing newspaper “Neues Deutschland”.It is well known that under the motto ” climate-saving” pretty much everything that has made our lives worth living – from eating meat to using electricity and bearing children to uncomplicated vacation flights – has been branded as being immoral by the left-wing Green Party in order to prohibit it step by step.One topic that has so far been spared from climate madness was that of pets. Katharina Schwirkus makes up for this in an article for the ” Neues Deutschland “:
“In addition to their disgusting excrements, pets are also bad for the climate. They eat meat and increase carbon dioxide emissions. The life cycle assessment of a dog corresponds to an annual mileage of 3700 kilometres, that of a cat 1400 kilometres”.
The packaging for animal feed and the plastic dog excrement bags would also unnecessarily burden the climate.
Hate for pets should be taught even to the youngest: “Regardless of whether you manage to ban cats and dogs from big cities, the romantic image of pets must finally be discredited. Children should be made aware at an early age that it is absolutely selfish to have a dog or cat in a city. 
The topic could be adopted by the “Fridays For Future” activists. Ten- to 18-year-old students demanding a dog tax hike would show how serious they are about protecting the environment.”
Also a total social ostracism of dog owners should become generally accepted: Not only AfD members, but also dogs should be denied access to restaurants etc. in the future.A few years ago one would have thought such a thing to be a comedy at least, in the meantime it becomes bitter seriosness in the madhouse we have established for ourselves.
And it remains to be seen when the ecodictators will introduce the first draft laws.

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