Germany: Dangerous bodily injury at the marksmen’s fair by Arabic-looking men

In the night from Saturday to today’s Sunday around 01:50 am two young adults on the street “Felsenweg, house-number 11” were physically attacked in Wissen by two men. Accordingly, the two marksmen’s fair visitors were on their way to the Westerwald Bank in the street Rathausstraße when they were suddenly attacked by the two perpetrators. One of the victims was so badly injured that he had to be taken to the hospital in Altenkirchen with the ambulance. The wallet of one of the victims could not be found even after a later search. According to initial investigations, the two men already provoked the later victims on the fairground and possibly pursued them as they left the fairground. The victims describe the perpetrators as follows: “…approx. 17-21 years old, slim, dark complexion, probably of Arab descent…”. One of the perpetrators wore a black and white hooded sweater with a triangular pattern and is described as long-haired with side parting. The second perpetrator wore a base-cap with NIKE imprint. The police station will accept relevant information about the incident in Wissen by calling 02742/935-0.

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