Germany: Arabic-looking men spit at passers-by and beat them up

On Saturday evening, at 11.05 pm, there was a physical dispute at the railway station underpass in Esslingen  at the back exit. Two 18-year-olds wanted to pass the underpass, but were prevented from doing so by a group of about six people. When the two 18-year-olds nevertheless wanted to walk through, they were first spat at by two people before they were attacked by another person with a bottle of vodka. Then the situation escalated when more people joined and attacked the two 18-year-olds with fists and kicks and then fled on foot towards Mettingen. Despite an immediately initiated search with several patrol crews, the perpetrators could no longer be found.In order to treat their injuries, the two injured had to be taken to hospital by the ambulance service. The six to seven attackers were all male, presumably of Arab origin with a dark complexion, around 20 to 30 years old, of slender stature and spoke broken German. One person was wearing green trousers at the time of the crime, another had a bleeding forehead injury. Possible witnesses are asked to contact the Esslingen police station by calling 0711 3990-0.

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