Switzerland: Syrian ‘refugee’ breaks teacher’s jaw as she searches for his knife

A 14-year-old Syrian hit his female teacher five to six times — he had received negative attention in the past. The youth from Möriken-Wildegg talked a lot about the Quran, and during recess instructed girls to dress more modestly. The case caused shock: last week the Argauer Zeitungpublished the news, that in Möriken-Wildegg a student from the Chestenberg school broke the jaw of a teacher by punching her with his fist. He did this when she wanted to find out if the Syrian secondary-school student was carrying a knife — as he had already done in the past. This time the case was taken up by the Weltwochejournalist Alex Baur. According to his research it is about a 14-year-old “M”. He allegedly comes from a Syrian family with numerous children, who came to Switzerland exactly five years previously and allegedly lives on welfare. His German is good, and he is described as “quite intelligent, self-confident and quick-witted.” Still, for a while “M.” had often allegedly been talking about the Quran. He also requested — “in Allah’s name”— that the girls from the area dress and behave more modestly. In this context he allegedly played with a knife on the Hellmatt School recess court. This, according to Weltwoche, resulted in his having to empty his pockets every time before being allowed to enter the classroom.Obviously, during such a search the attack against the teacher took place. She is said not to have touched the student, but instead only told him to show her the contents of his pockets. At that the teen has attacked her, and, according to eyewitnesses, on whose testimonies theWeltwocheauthor bases his story, he hit the 62-year-old female teacher five to six times with a fist and the edge of his hand. Additionally, while she was fleeing he allegedly kicked her. The mother of two adult sons was about to retire. As Weltwochefound out from her environment, she is still in shock. The Syrian was arrested shortly after the act. The youth has been released after having to spend two days in custody. The juvenile prosecutor is investigating. It is not clear what will happen to him. He will not be going back to the Chestenberg district school. According to Weltwoche, one of his friends, also a Syrian, “had been expelled a year earlier from the Chestenberg district school due to discipline problems, and was put in special setting outside of the Chestenberg district school.” André Schärer, the school district deputy from the Chestenberg school district, has neither confirmed nor contradicted the question from the Aargauer Zeitungabout the research, based on anonymous sources, by Weltwoche. He could only confirm that the Syrian stood out from the beginning. So Schärer also heard that “M.” had allegedly told the girls on the recess court to dress more modestly: “There are clearly certain signs that he doesn’t agree with the way we are cultivating our culture.” In the media and in the village there’s a rumor that the wounded teacher had to spend a long time in the hospital. Schärer insists that this is not the case. “The Monday after the incident she was off. On Tuesday the incident was discussed in the class concerned with the school social worker. At that point the teacher was already present [in the school] for a couple of hours. From Wednesday to Friday she took care of the class.” Schärer did not want to be misunderstood, however: “I don’t want to downplay the incident; it is serious and should be most severely condemned.”It took a week before the incident was made public. The school district deputy insists, however, that nobody wanted to sweep the case under the rug: “It happened on Friday June 28th. One day before the Youth Festival. Already that same evening we, with the [female] president of the school district, decided on a communication strategy; we decided to actively inform male and female students and the parents as much as possible.” Of course, it was discussed during the Youth Festival, and the district had to listen to complaints that they wanted to hide something. “This isn’t correct. We wrote a letter to the parents during the week following the Youth Festival. Our hands are tied, because of the investigation by the juvenile prosecutor. Even if we wanted to give out more information, we are not allowed to.”


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