Germany: Syrian threatens construction workers with knife

Last Thursday, construction workers from the Werder street area in Müllheim reported to the police at around 10.30 a.m. that there was an unauthorised person inside the building site who, contrary to all instructions, did not want to leave the building site. Even before the police were on site, the construction workers contacted the police again and said that the person in question had now pulled a carpet knife and threatened the construction workers. The construction workers then fled into their construction vehicles and locked themselves in. Shortly thereafter, the Müllheim police station was on site with four patrols and was able to arrest the man. The 47-year-old man of Syrian nationality opposed the arrest to such an extent that the police had to use pepper spray and forced him to do so immediately. One policeman was slightly injured during the arrest. Numerous passers-by were able to observe the incident at 10.30 am. The police station Müllheim asks possible witnesses of the incident to call 07631-17880.

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