Merkel’s Germany again: Lebanese allegedly made a girl (14 years old) drunk and raped her in the bush

After the alleged gang rape in Mülheim, another case of rape with juvenile suspects has now become known. In Herne, two young Lebanese with German passports allegedly made a 14 year old girl drunk and raped her. Police are investigating.The case reported by the tabloid “Bild” is said to have occurred on May, 13th. The boys, 13 and 14 years old, are said to have travelled together with two girls, also 13 and 14 years old. A bottle of vodka and Red Bull had been sold to the young people at a kiosk.In a park, the situation was then out of control. The boys are said to have instilled alcohol into the 14-year-old against her will and then pulled her into bushes. The 13-year-old had testified that she had seen how the rape had taken place there before she herself had run away in panic.According to the tabloid “Bild”, the 14-year-old dragged herself with a blood alcohol level of more than three per thousand into a tram where she collapsed. An emergency doctor took her to the hospital.Allegedly, the two teenagers denied the crime at the police interrogation. A mobile phone analysis is to show whether the crime was possibly filmed. The school has suspended the two suspects, one of whom was a classmate of the girl.

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