Again in Germany: Arabic-looking men want to set a homeless man on fire

The attacks of Merkel’s foreign violence do not stop. The internet portal Merkurist reports that last Friday two “Arab-looking young men” tried to set a homeless man on fire. Only one witness was able to prevent the presumably certain death or most severe burns. It was not the first time that asylum seekers lived out their desire to murder helpless people. The whole thing happened at the ” Square of German Unity ” in Wiesbaden, which is one of the hotspots of foreign violence.According to the police report, the crime occurred as follows: “A 40-year-old witness observed two unknown perpetrators trying to set fire to the trouser leg of a sleeping man on Friday morning. The sleeping man took a nap around 06:10 am in the area of a staircase at the Square of German Unity, when two young men tried to light one of the sleeping man’s trouser legs with a spray can and lighter.Because of the testimony of the witness, the men abandoned the sleeping man and departed. The witness reported the crime to the responsible police station on Friday afternoon, and the sleeping man apparently did not hear anything about the incident. The witness described the perpetrators as young people between the ages of 15 and 17 with an Arab appearance. As to the clothing of the two perpetrators, the witness was able to state that one of them wore a grey and black hooded sweater, the other had been dressed in a T-shirt and shorts. The former may have used a smart phone to record the crime. The 1st police station has taken over the investigation of the crime and asks for information by calling 0611/ 345-2140”.


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