Germany: Moroccan stabs snack bar guests

Yesterday Saturday evening, in front of a snack bar at Berliner Square in Münster, there were verbal disputes between a 25-year-old Moroccan and two other guests from Lebanon and Syria. In the course of the dispute, the 25-year-old abused and insulted the 21-year-old Lebanese and his friend of the same age. Afterwards there was a violent confrontation between the three participants. Here the accused is said to have punched the 21-year-old Syrian in the face.After other guests intervened, the 25-year-old escaped. A short time later he returned accompanied by two other people and started another brawl. In the course of this dispute, the accused is said to have stabbed the 21-year-old Lebanese man in the stomach with a knife, causing him life-threatening injuries. “Witnesses reported that the accused had threatened his victim with death shortly before the attack,” explained Julika Böhlendorf, head of the homicide department. “Policemen arrested the man shortly after the incident in the downtown area.” The 21-year-old victim is no longer in mortal danger after an emergency operation. “The 25-year-old accused was brought before a magistrate at noon today ( July, 7th) at the request of the public prosecutor’s office,” explained senior public prosecutor Martin Botzenhardt. “The latter issued an arrest warrant for attempted manslaughter in a concurrence of offences with dangerous bodily harm as well as bodily harm and ordered pre-trial detention. The motive for the crime is unclear, the accused has so far not admitted himself to the accusation.” The investigations of the Homicide Commission are ongoing.

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