Germany: Woman defends herself against sexual assault by a Tunisian, then the criminal kicked and beat the victim

The evening before yesterday, a Wetzlar woman at a bus stop vehemently resisted a man’s intrusiveness. He beat and kicked the woman afterwards as well. The 39-year-old woman was sitting on the bench of a bus stop in Altenberger Street in Wetzlar at about 7:45 pm. The perpetrator got out of an arriving bus, sat next to the woman and grabbed her at her thighs and crotch. The Wetzlar woman yelled at the obviously drunk man and kicked him between the legs. Immediately the attacker let go of her and the victim walked away. A few meters later the perpetrator caught up with her, hit her in the head and kicked her in the back. The attacker himself remained close until the police arrived and was arrested by the police. The victim was bruised and complained of neck and back pain. The 42-year-old perpetrator comes from Tunisia and lives in Giessen. A public prosecutor ordered a blood sample to be taken by a doctor at the Wetzlar police station. After his interrogation and identification, he was allowed to leave the station. The police are investigating dangerous bodily harm and sexual harassment.

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