Germany: Migrant Terror in the public swimming pool – Pictures of Horror

It is well known that migrants are conquering public space and increasingly displacing those who have been living here a little longer and paying for all this. And now that the temperatures have risen, the fight for displacement is naturally being shifted to the open-air swimming pools. A further video, which allegedly shows eight Arab men in the Oststadt swimming pool in the Essen district of Freisenbruch, taking action against two lifeguards, is currently circulating in the social networks. The tabloid Bild reported that the men first provoked a lifeguard with splashes of water and finally hit him. When a colleague tried to stand by him, he was attacked as well. On the run, the perpetrators also injured a 12-year-old girl. So far they could not be found.The video clearly shows why the number of safety employees is increased in many public swimming pools. We have added more videos to make the whole drama that destroys our daily lives even clearer. In the last four weeks the following happened, among other things:

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