Trial for gang rape committed by eleven Muslims in Freiburg, Germany – The defendant rages: “Whoever takes my picture will go to hell!”

Not the least bit sorry for his actions. Compassion? A foreign word …
Eleven Muslim refugees are on trial in Freiburg for the gang rape of a young woman (18 years old). But even before the arraignment there was a row!
One of the defendants freaked out, screamed in his mother tongue as he was led into the hall: “If you take a picture of me, you go to hell”. The man hammered his fist on the table, insulted and cried out! Only several police officers ended the rabble-rousing attack and brought the man to the dock.

He was extremely aggressive, showed the trial observers the finger, yelled at the about 20 security officers.The public prosecutor accuses the eleven alleged perpetrators (today 18 to 30 years old) of violent and humiliating behaviour. The indictment (rape and failure to render assistance) is a document of horror: the 18-year-old woman had no chance to defend herself against the rape, said public prosecutor Rainer Schmid. The acts lasted for two and a half hours.
Accordingly, the main accused had lured the woman outside under the pretext of wanting to show her a tattoo on his thigh. When she turned around to go back to the disco, he grabbed her from behind, tore down her skirt, pantyhose and knickers and raped her.
The woman had been completely helpless and defenceless through the consumption of a high-dose ecstasy tablet and a drink presumably prepared with knockout drops, the public prosecutor said. After the first rape, the 22-year-old had gone back to the disco and reported to his friends that there was a woman outside “who could fuck”, Schmid said.The woman, who had been suffering a cramp in the meantime because of the drugs, had tried to defend herself weakly with her fingernails and with the help of small sticks grasped in the bush – in vain. The woman is a joint plaintiff in the lawsuit.

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