Germany: A dangerous terrorist has been released from deportation prison

It was supposed to be a demonstration of the state’s power. At the beginning of April, armed elite policemen sent the terrorist Ahmet K. (29 years old) to the deportation prison in Langenhagen. The suspected Islamist, who was classified as dangerous, was to be brought to Turkey.Yesterday, Tuesday, the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig thwarted the Interior Ministry. A decision was made in summary proceedings: Ahmet K. will remain here. A crashing defeat for Interior Minister Boris Pistorius ( Social Democratic Party of Germany ) !The security authorities based their deportation order on police findings (telephone surveillance, searches). K., on record for violent offences, is said to be a religious fanatic and ISIS sympathizer. In prognostic terms, the man posed a particular threat to the security of the Federal Republic of Germany.Ahmet K. filed a lawsuit against his threatened deportation – successfully!For the judges, the evidence presented so far by the ministry was too poor to justify deportation. According to the court, “there are serious doubts about the legality of the deportation order, which lead to a suspension of the deportation when the conflicting interests are weighed up”.Ahmet K. has meanwhile been released from custody and is at large. There is little consolation: It is a preliminary decision, the main proceedings will follow. But if the authorities do not present compelling evidence against the presumed terrorist threat by then, a failure is likely to be inevitable ….

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