Germany: “I’ll beat you to death” – Iraqi man known to the police attacks female train attendant

Last Saturday evening, a 26-year-old man became violent in a dispute over his ticket and threatened a female train attendant of the NordWestBahn train  (NWB). He was also wanted by arrest warrant.The incident occurred on Saturday evening, shortly before the arrival of the train at Osnabrück main station, at around 06:30 pm. Due to a discrepancy with the ticket, the train attendant had issued the 26-year-old with a supplementary fare charge for an increased fare. This was the reason for a verbal dispute between the 26-year-old and the train attendant. Finally there were fisticuffs in which the ballpoint pen of the railway employee broke and smeared ink on her arms and her uniform. When he finally threatened her with the words “I’ll beat you to death”, the 59-year-old train attendant fled to the train control station.A called police patrol of the federal police found that the 26-year-old Iraqi is wanted by the public prosecutor’s office in Hanover with an arrest warrant. The man had been sentenced for theft to a fine of 40 daily rates of 15 euros each. From this conviction he still owed the judiciary a remaining fine of 525 euros. Since he had also not accepted the summons to face a 35-days imprisonment, he was now wanted by the public prosecutor’s office by arrest warrant.The 26-year-old was able to pay the outstanding fine and the costs incurred of 87.50 euros to the federal police. After the police measures had been completed and an investigation had been initiated into the dispute with the train attendant, he was released from police custody.

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