St. Michael’s Church vandalized in Löffingen, Germany

File:Kath. Pfarrkirche St. Michael in Löffingen, Reliquien des Hl. Demetrius.jpg
File:Geschichtstafel 9 in Löffingen Demetriusbrunnen.jpg,_Reliquien_des_Hl._Demetrius.jpg

On Monday the 24th of June 2019, in the time between 04:00 p.m. and 08:30 p.m., the interior of the St. Michael’s Church in Löffingen was devastated by previously unknown perpetrators. Already in the entrance area, various documents laid out there were thrown onto the ground. Inside the church, the Abbot’s crosier of St. Gallus, which hangs under the gallery, was torn down and thrown to the ground. The figure’s fingers were also torn off and found under the pews. Over the spiral staircase the perpetrator or perpetrators reached the gallery. The lattice attached there was surmounted. The mirror on the organ console was torn down. The unknowns carved the sentence “we were here” and “ACAB” into the wooden balustrade. Smoking was also done on the gallery. On the gallery cigarette butts thrown away by the perpetrators could be seized as evidence. Furthermore, the unknowns took from his hand the golden sword of Saint Paul standing next to the high altar. With this sword the Easter candle next to the baptismal font was damaged. The perpetrator or perpetrators also tried to get into the closed sacristy. This attempt failed. Only the door handle was damaged. So far a damage of approx. 1000.- Euro arose. Restoration of the damaged figure of Saint Gallus (14th century), or the necessary financial expenditure cannot be quantified at present. The police station Löffingen has started the investigation. If there are witnesses who can give information that can clarify these crimes, they can contact the Löffingen police station by calling 07654/806060 or the Titisee-Neustadt police station by calling 07651/93360.

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