Susanna’s killer is complaining about German prison conditions:Bread does not taste good – TV only has 23 channels

In May 2018 Susanna F. (14 years old) was raped, strangled and buried, Ali Bashar (22 years old) – a so-called “refugee” from Iraq – is on trial and a psychiatric report shows that the accused is presumed to be fully responsible. The report provides a frightening insight into Ali Bashar’s crude ideas and lack of empathy, which cause the cold horror. 
Below are some quotes from the newspaper BILD:

The homicide, the suffering of Susannas and his own family would hardly bother the Iraqi – that the bread in jail doesn’t taste good and the television only has 23 channels, on the other hand very much. His indifference during the trial and the inspection of the crime scene, his indifference during statements made against him by former friends – this indifference is also a criterion for diagnosis.

Ali Bashar is only one of many others: Entering the country illegally under false pretences, not deported despite a rejected asylum application, and still being cared for at taxpayers’ expense.

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