Germany: An African brings traffic to a standstill and injures policemen

Yesterday, Wednesday, there was an incident with a 21-year-old Somali at Dresden Mitte station. He caught the attention of the police because he disturbed a police check of other persons and did not comply with the expulsion. Quite the opposite: with an aggressive mood and by using his forefinger and middle finger, he indicated multiple firing in the direction of the police officers. He also began to undress. When the identity was established, it became obvious that the Somali had already become known to the police several times for bodily injury offences and violations of the Narcotics Act.He completely ignored the repeated demand of the police officers for appropriate behaviour. Shortly afterwards, he insulted the federal police as “Nazis” and “racists” and continued to point to the police officers with the gestures described above. But as if that were not enough, he ran onto Weißeritzstraße, lay down on the roadway and thereby brought the running traffic to a standstill. Cars and buses had to brake to avoid the unpredictable man. The federal police tried to get the Somalian out of the danger zone. The Somali escaped through the traffic and forced other vehicles to stop. Only after he had been caught and brought to the ground could his dangerous actions be stopped. However, the Somalis vehemently resisted this by kicking and beating. One of the federal police officers, who was a trainee, was slightly injured on his forearm. Since the Somali man said he was HIV positive, the colleague was taken to a hospital for medical examination. The suspicion of infection was not confirmed. The alarmed ambulance service, according to the physician’s instructions, took the African to the psychiatric ward of a hospital.He is now under investigation for insult, threat, damage to property, resistance to enforcement officers, dangerous interference in road traffic, bodily injury and harassment of the general public.

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