Germany: Muslim vandalized a mosque because he suspected it was a church

Presumably to the annoyance of the political lefties, it turned out last week that the stone thrower on the Dresden mosque was a Muslim from Tunisia. At the court hearing, the orthodox believer now also expressed his motivation: The mosque he attacked was “not a real mosque”, rather a church.Only one week after the 30-year-old rejected asylum seeker Hosni S. had thrown three windows of the Fatih Camiine Mosque in Cotta, which was funded by Turkey, with stones, the Tunisian admitted in a so-called accelerated procedure before the district court of Dresden that he had also thrown in the windows of a Turkish kebab stand and two shop windows.In response to the judge’s question about his motivation, the “refugee” replied according to the newspaper SZ: This was not a real mosque, rather a church. The mosque funded by Turkey,  is obviously not radical enough for him.He was ordered by Allah to attack the mosque. In the case of the kebab shop, he said people would get “poisoned food” there.”I believe you didn’t want to hurt anyone,” said the presiding judge, who is convinced that the man was guilty, in her verdict on the defendant. But that doesn’t mean that I approve of it,” says the judge, who then explains it to the refugee: “It is forbidden to damage other people’s property and to frighten people. She is not convinced that the 30-year-old had a political motive when he attacked the mosque. He said he wanted to fulfil an “alleged mission”.Judge Sibylle Vollmers sentenced the 30-year-old S. to a suspended sentence of five months for damage to property and material damage to the common good. However, the judge did not consider the accusation of attempted dangerous bodily harm, which was also charged, to be proven. However, the newspaper SZ does not report whether the criminal offence of the Muslim is listed with the Saxon Office for the Protection of the Constitution under the heading “right-wing crimes”. It remains to be seen whether the chairman of the Islamic association “Central Council of Muslims”, Aiman Mazyek, will also be in hysterics in this case.

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